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Gana Kiritharan’s Advise for People who may be

suffering from

Chronic Toxic Metal Toxicity


[Advises in PDF format and a Check List]

Gana Kiritharan wants to give following advises for people who may be suffering from Chronic Toxic Metal Toxicity. This advises are based on Gana Kiritharan’s personal experience of Toxic Metal Toxicity and Information collected by Gana Kiritharan from various sources. These advices should not be taken as formal medical advice to treat Toxic metal Toxicity. Gana Kiritharan assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by following advises. This is just a guide to help you to understand the challenges you may have to face on being diagnosed with toxic metal toxicity and receiving proper treatment.  

A.     All the adult persons can take following Nutritional Supplements despite whether they are suffering from Toxic Metal Toxicity or not.


  1. Take Multi-Vitamins with Minerals one tablet every day. (You can buy these Tablets at any Pharmacy stores. If you are a heavy manual worker or experiencing some symptoms of Toxic Metal Toxicity buy the one with more Vitamin C and Vitamin E. When you finished one bottle of Tablet (usually 90 – 120 tablets) give 1 – 2 month break before starting a new bottle. (Some Vitamin got accumulated in body and may try to give Toxic symptoms.)


  1. One other Nutritional Supplement for adults I may recommend is Omega 3-6-9 combination. Take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the afternoon. This will help you with your Lipid and Cholesterol circulation in the body. 

B.     Do not expect much help from your family doctor or any other regular medical institution or hospital. The regular conventional medical system refusing acknowledges the health problems associated with Chronic Toxic Metal Toxicity for a complex of reasons. Why is a big question? Please read my forth coming article “Chronic Toxic Metal Toxicity; Is it a Medical Tsunami?” 

C.     Even though some experts recommend starting the treatment even with diagnosis based on symptoms alone, I recommend a Hair Mineral Analysis to confirm the diagnosis. If Hair Mineral analysis confirms high level of Toxic Metals a Challenged Urine Test will help to reconfirm the diagnosis and decide the course of treatment. Doing Challenged Urine Test initially (without doing Hair Mineral Analysis) to confirm diagnosis is not recommended as most of us have some level of Toxic Metals in our body and a Challenged Urine Test on random basis will give some positive results most of the time. In addition a Hair Mineral Analysis and Challenged Urine Test may helpful on following situations.  

1.      If my suspicion is true that there may be a criminal intention behind this poisoning then the lab reports will help in any future legal actions. 

2.      During the treatment the symptoms will go worse once in a while. This may lead to confusion, whether the treatment is actually causing the symptoms. Only a proper lap reports will inform the situation. To calculate the progress you may have to repeat the tests every 6 months.  

D.     If the clinical symptoms or the following lap reports confirms a high level of Toxic Metals accumulated in your body, do not rush to start a Chelating Therapy (Removing Toxic Metals from body). The Toxic Metals may be in your body for at least few years and even with a fast Chelating Therapy it will take at least 6 months to 1 year to get rid out of them. Waiting few weeks will not change the over all out come of the problem but a poor planned therapy may cause serious damages to your body; even death. 

E.      If the patient is a child, grater precaution should be taken on deciding the dose and nutritional support. 

F.      Collect more details about treatment. Collect enough money and inform people around you so that they can understand your situation and help you when you need. 

G.     As conventional Medical System refusing to acknowledge this medical problem, there is no established, medically confirmed, single way of treating this problem. Various experts recommend various way of treatment. As I failed to receive proper medical guidance on time, I end up in trying various way of treatment for first few months. The system finally found to helping me may be the one developed by Andrew Hall Cutler PhD PE. This treatment method developed by him usually known as small frequent dose chelating program.  

H.     Though Medical Substances like DMSA, DMPS and CaEDTA are used to remove mercury from blood, they may constitute only 40% of whole treatment. Rest 60% lie on balancing your nutrition of the body and other treatment techniques.  

I.        You may need to take Vitamin A, B, C, D and E in high doses. You also need Minerals like Chromium, Magnesium and more. But your supplement should not include Copper and Iron.  

J.       You should take nutritional supplements to support your liver, adrenal, thyroid and other endocrine organs.  

K.    You should take high protein diet to help your body with chelating program.  

L.      You should drink lots of water during chelating program. 

M.   A therapy called Infrared Sauna (It will help your body to sweat) will help to remove these toxic metals through skin. 

N.    In Addition you may have to take care of several small, small things. For an example if you are a person have a habit of taking lot of Coffee, you may have to change to Tea. Coffee will give more stress for Liver and Adrenal, Tea will help to kill some fungal infections associated with Toxic Metal Toxicity.  

O.    As I told earlier there is no established and medically proven way of treating this problem. As a result on one hand there are too many documents which may confuse any reader and on another side it may difficult to find a single book which will give complete information about this medical problem. 

P.      When I searched I found the book “Amalgam Illness – Diagnosis and Treatment” written by Andrew Hall Cutler PhD PE which may help you to get necessary details to design a Treatment Program for Yourself or People under your care.  

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[GK Advises in PDF format and a Check List]


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