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Following are Cover Letters and the Documentation Sent to Various Judicial Departments for Gana Kiritharan's claim of Miscarriage of Justice.


1.      Copy of Letter Sent to Attorney General of Ontario –

                                                        Reply Received From Attorney General of Ontario:

2.      Copy of Letter Sent to Canadian and Ontario Judicial Council –

                                                        Reply Received From Canadian Judicial Council:

                                                        Reply Received From Ontario Judicial Council:

3.      Copy of Letter Sent to Honourable Justice Heather Smith

                                                        Reply Received From Hon. Justice Heather Smith

4.      Copy of Letter Sent to Fraud Squad – Toronto Police Services –

                                                        No Reply Received as of August 2013.

5.      Copy of Letter Sent to OPP, RCMP and Ottawa Police Services –

                                                        Reply Received From RCMP:

                                                        No Reply Received from OPP,Ottawa Police Services

                                                                                                                 as of August 2013.

6.      Copy of Letter Sent to Law Society of Upper Canada –

                                                        Reply Received From Law Society of Upper Canada

7.      Copy of Letter Sent to Canadian Psychiatric Association –

                                                        No Reply Received as of August 2013.


TAB 1;Immunity from Cross Examination;                                           Pages 1 - 16

Gana Kiritharan claims that he is a victim of Miscarriage of Justice because unethical immunity enjoyed by major financial institutions nowadays. He is bringing similar evidences from the past and present Judicial History to support his argument. [Details]

TAB 2;Reasons and Evidences for GK’s Suspicion;                         Pages 17 - 48

Here Gana Kiritharan presents Reasons and Evidences for his suspicion that a secret account existed in TD Canada Trust in his name. All these documents are submitted by the bank as part of proper legal procedure and credit report obtained from Credit reporting agency. [Details]

TAB 3;Misleading Info & Edited Evidences by the Bank;                 Pages 49 - 56

During the Civil Claim made by Gana Kiritharan, the bank TD Canada Trust made several misleading information and edited evidences. Despite Gana Kiritharan’s objection Civil Court issued court orders based on such information.


TAB 4;Police Experience, Report and Correspondence;                  Pages 57 - 68

Gana Kiritharan’s attempt to make police complaint and initial refusal but later acceptance by Toronto Police Service. Failure of Toronto Police Services to carry out a criminal investigation and correspondence made by Gana Kiritharan with Toronto Police Services regarding this issue. [Details]

TAB 5;Civil claim and Counterclaim at Toronto Civil Court;            Pages 69 – 84

Details of Civil Claim made by Gana Kiritharan at Ontario Civil Court during October 2007 and the Counterclaim filed by the bank and R eply and Defence to Counterclaim filed by Gana Kiritharan. (Details of allegation against each other by both parties) [Details]

TAB 6;Case Conference to produce the documents;                      Pages 85 - 108

When bank failed to produce documents as prescribed by the law Gana Kiritharan requested court intervention and under court order two telephone conferences conducted and court issued two court orders asking bank to produce necessary banking documents. [Details]

TAB 7;Motion at Civil Court by GK on 12th of Nov 2008;               Pages 109 - 150

In this Motion Gana Kiritharan challenged the bank for a commission of a crime and concealing his account details. Unfortunately court ordered there is no evidence for Gana Kiritharan’s arguments. [Details]

TAB 8;Motion for Summary Judgment by the Bank;                     Pages 151 - 170 

In this Motion bank asked for a summary judgment against Gana Kiritharan. Despite Gana Kiritharan’s argument that bank is misleading the court, court issued a Summary Judgment against Gana Kiritharan, in favor of the bank. [Details]

TAB 9;Other Documents;                                                                      Pages 171 - 192

Costing details filed by TD Canada Trust 

Communication between TD Lawyer and Register before the Motion

Details of Psychiatric Diagnosis of Gana Kiritharan’s Mental Condition.




Following are the Evidences Produced by Gana Kiritharan in this Civil Action.

1.  Affidavit of Document 1 Civil: (Printing Additional Information on Daily Banking Transaction Slip Gana Kiritharan Supposed to Sign.)

2.  Affidavit of Document 2 Civil: (Details of Financial Transaction in Gana Kiritharan's Line of Credit in October 2005.)

3.  Affidavit of Document 3 Civil: (Gana Kiritharan's Attempt to Communicate with TD Canada Trust (the Bank) and Confusing Reply from the Bank.)

4. Affidavit of Document 4 Civil: (Gana Kiritharan's Intellectual Contributions for the Communities He Lived and the Institutions He Worked.)

5.  Affidavit of Document 5 Civil: (Demonstrative Worst Case Scenario)

6.  Affidavit of Document 6 Civil: (Incident of Forgery.)

7. Affidavit of Document 7 Civil: (Definition and Explanation for the Term "Collection Item".)

8.  Affidavit of Document 8 Civil: (Communications Made Between Gana Kiritharan and Equifax Canada Inc.)

9. Affidavit of Document 9 Civil: (Gana Kiritharan's Attempt to Become a Freelance Writer, Fraudulent Interferences He Experienced and his Attempt to Defend Himself.)

10. Affidavit of Document 10 Civil: (Psychiatric Diagnosis of Gana Kiritharan's Mental Condition.)

11. Affidavit of Document 11 Civil: (Details of Gana Kiritharan's Public Relation Campaign.)

12.  Affidavit of Document 12 Civil: (Communication made Between Gana Kiritharan and Mr. John Mahendran regarding the Movie Aanivaer.)



Following are the Account Details of Gana Kiritharan Produced by the Bank:

1.   Total Account Enquiry of Gana Kiritharan:

2.   Gana Kiritharan's Checking (Value) Account (also known as Current Account):

3.   Gana Kiritharan's Line of Credit (a Kind of Loan):

4.   Gana Kiritharan's (Emerald) Visa Card (a Kind of Loan):

5.   Gana Kiritharan's Investment Account Details:

6.   Details of Transaction Records signed by Gana Kiritharan:


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