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Gana Kiritharan, would like to bring to every body kind attention that he may a victim of “Vigorous (Criminal) harassment” by his personal or political enemies for personal or ideological differences. These harassment may started while he was in Sri Lanka at least from 1993 - 1994 period. There may some attempt to misappropriate money belong to him and poison his food and environment with toxic metals with intention to kill him. His mothers death in 1994 though diagnosed as myocardial infarction, she may be a victim these poisoning attempt. Gana Kiritharan do not have any reasons or evidence to suspect these harassment continued while he was a refugee in India 1997 - 1998 period.

These harassment may started in the first year (1999) Gana Kiritharan came to Canada.  Gana Kiritharan's innocent believe that there is civilized rule of law and respect for his fundamental human rights are exist in Canada let this criminal harassment continued for a while unattended. When Gana Kiritharan started to experience repeated obstruction from 2001 on his attempt to become a freelance writer he started to suspect there is an organized criminal conspiracy to fail him.

Between 2003 - 2007 Gana Kiritharan collected several (Documentary) evidences for these criminal activity. When Canadian Police Services refused to accept Gana Kiritharan's complaint Gana Kiritharan challenged a Canadian bank who may be a important member of this conspiracy in civil court. Though in the beginning Gana Kiritharan received some court orders in favour of him, soon the criminal conspirators started to interfere into the civil judicial system and Gana Kiritharan failed to receive justice in him attempt in civil court.

Though Gana Kiritharan may experienced several intimidation into his personal and public life, following three group of activates can be identified as criminal activity in any civilized society and punishable by prison terms for wrong doers.

1. Interference into his financial life and subsequent obstruction to Justice.

There may be some attempt to misappropriate money belong Gana Kiritharan in Sri Lanka. Money send by his brother 1994 - 1995 period may got misappropriated by his family members through falsely prepared checks.

Interference into Gana Kiritharan's financial life may started in the first year (1999) he came to Canada. An amount of 104,260.00 or more which may send by Gana Kiritharan's friends for his studies and personal life may got misappropriated through an investment account opened without Gana Kiritharan's knowledge or permission. These criminal activities may continued as long as 2006. When Gana Kiritharan challenged the bank in civil court, the bank successfully misleading the court by editing and concealing evidence in front of the court. For the part of Judiciary in this case inside Ontario Civil Court room a Canadian Judge destroyed an evidence called by him to the court by tearing of into two pieces. These criminal activities by bank and judiciary lead to denial justice for Gana Kiritharan in Ontario, Canada.  [Details]

2. Fake Criminal Conviction.

Date of Incident: May have happened in 2006 June – September period, I got formal information of existence of such criminal record in my personal file in 24 September 2019.

In order to facilitate withdrawal of a large amount of money from fraudulently set up accounts in a Canadian Bank (TD Canada Trust) and to create a defamation record in Gana Kiritharan's personal life, Toronto Police Services may have created a fake criminal conviction with the help of stolen Identity. I have sent a letter to Toronto Police Chief Mr. Mark Saunders and other necessary legal departments in Ontario and Canada, about this issue on 2nd of December 2019 but failed to receive any response. Then I reported the issue to Canadian Human Rights Commission and Office of Independent Police Review Director (Ontario). They also failed to provide any solution for the issue. [Details]

3. Attempt to poison his environment with toxic metals with intention to kill him.

Gana Kiritharan may be a victim of poisoning with Toxic Metals with intention to kill him. These activities may started while he is in Sri Lanka. As mentioned earlier Gana Kiritharan's mother's death in 1994 may the result of these criminal activity.

These activities may started in Canada at least from 2002. A blood lab report carried out in 2002 June shows unusual elevated level of triglyceride. In year 2010 Gana Kiritharan realized his medical problems are due poisoning with toxic metals with criminal intention and started medical treatment for Chronic form of Toxic metal Toxicity. These criminal activities may continued even after Gana Kiritharan started treatment. [Details]

4. Interference into his mail and other communications.

Gana Kiritharan may a victim of interference into his communication of Mail, Email and Telephone communication. These activities may started even he was in Sri Lanka. Letters send by his brother may got misappropriated with intention to misappropriate money belong to him.

After he came to Canada these activities may started at least from 2001 latter part. When Gana Kiritharan tried to sign a publishing contract with Indian publishers the first publishing contract send by his publishers got lost in mail. The second publishing contract also delayed by one month. Gana Kiritharan may lost several business and personal communication because of this criminal misappropriation.

In the civil case Gana Kiritharan filed against Canadian bank, when bank informed court that in July 2007 bank has sent a letter to Gana Kiritharan which he failed to receive, Gana Kiritharan tried to make a police complaint regarding this issue. But as usual Canadian Police Services may failed to investigate the complaint. [Details]

It may be Institutionalized racism of high level of corruption, Ontario (Canada) Judiciary showed high level of ignorance, irresponsibility, incompetence to protect Gana Kiritharan from chain of criminal activity he experienced in Canada. Now Gana Kiritharan is claiming he is a victim of miscarriage of Justice and trying to make complaint to appropriate Judicial Departments of Ontario. Though he is calling for a Public Inquiry, there is no assurance that he will get one, even got one how long he have to wait to see the Justice.  Today Gana Kiritharan may have denied two fundamental rights of any civilized society. A right to carry out a business under free market principle and fair treatment in front of the law.

[Legal Documents]



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