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Father of "Zero Defect" Philosophy

Philip B. Crosby

1926 - 2001

After I had written my First Book "Total Quality Management - A System to Implement", I decided to go for a professional evaluation by a prominent person in quality management. I selected Philip B. Crosby as I learnt quality management from a branch of his "Quality College" while I was in India. So I sent a copy of my book to him and asked his comments and a foreword for my book. I received a reply as follows:

Hi Kirithara - thank you for sending me a copy of your new book. It is well put together and obviously you have placed a lot of thought.  I would be pleased to write a foreword, let me know how long you wish it to be and when you need it. I assume I could send it by e mail.
    One thing you might think about is the definition of quality.  I have found that "conformance to agreed requirements" is the only one that people can understand and relate to.  Everything else comes out as "goodness" and that is immeasurable.  Quality and Integrity need to be the same.

Best regards,

Philip Crosby



   He sent me a foreword as I requested on Nov 18, 2000.

Foreword to Total Quality Management book written by Gana Kiritharan

By Philip B. Crosby

Chairman and CEO

Philip Crosby Associates II, Inc.

Winter Park, Fl. 322790


I am very impressed by the information Mr. Kiritharan has gathered and the determinations he makes about its application.  He is reaching out to help the reader have a clear understanding.

          Most of those in management, as well as many quality professionals, view quality as a sort of add-on to activity.  Actually it has to become embedded in the daily activities of each area.  We manage to deal with financial management and schedule management as an integral portion of every thought.  Continuous emphasis is placed on these two at meeting after meeting.  Executives can get fired for not taking proper care of them.

          Quality, however, is often handed over to the quality department for care taking.  They work at getting certifications for quality programs or winning awards or helping to meet schedule and financial problems.  Most companies with quality problems deliver the majority of their product or service on the last week of the month.

          Looking at quality as doing what was agreed rather than “goodness” is a big step in reversing this application custom.  Quality has to be built into the fabric of the organization.  I think this book is a big step in bringing this about.

                   Philip Crosby


    When I acknowledged for his foreword. He requested me as follows.


HI -  I am glad you find the foreword ok. I wish you well with the book - let me know how it all turns out.


Philip Crosby

Unfortunately  I faced some problems in publishing the book as I had planned in January 2001. In September 2001, when I published my book and started to receive some appreciation, I visited his web site with the idea of contacting him to let him know about the success as he asked in the last letter. But I was shocked with the message of his loss on August 18, 2001 exactly 9 months after he had issued the foreword. I left with a feeling of deep sorrow. But I made a decision to continue my contribution to the development of Total Quality Management as a tribute to him, which he may have expected from every other student of "Quality College".

Gana Kiritharan.

Philip B. Crosby's web site.


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